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Gene Simmons unveils the snakebit at SEMA
The snakebit is the name of this beautiful and powerful machine that is part of the
project “wheels of dreams” Unveiled at SEMA by the legendary Rock and Roll Star
from KISS, Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed.
The custom build pickup truck, a 1956 Ford F-100 resembles the design of the
classic Shelby Mustangs and is part of the Ford Motor Company’s Display.
This truck is powered by a 5.4 liter supercharged V8 Ford racing engine with a
high performance exhaust system. The power is transferred via a six speed
manual transmission and produces an estimated of 550 horsepower to the rear
20 inch Shelby inspired wheels.
The Wheels of Dreams project was   funded by the Ford dealer association in the
province of Saskatchewan Canada.  Is part of a fundraising effort to build a
children’s hospital in Tweed’s hometown of Saskatoon, a Canadian province
without children’s hospital.
“The Wheels of Dreams a project symbolizes how people can come together to
meet the needs of our children and families by
Raising much needed funds for the new Children’s Hospital of
Saskatchewan,” said Brynn Boback-Lane, president and CEO of
The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan. “
Snakebit will be auctioned next year by Barrett-Jackson with the profits going to
the Wheels of Dreams project.
photo courtesy of The Ford Motor Company Media Center
The snakebit
photo courtesy UPS
UPS announced the winner  “Ride Your Hauler to SEMA”
Everybody knows SEMA is the place to show off the most amazing and craziest
automotive builds in the planet.  Most builds change very little of the attitude of
automotive builds in the planet.  Most builds change very little of the attitude of
the car that’s being customized but some builds like the aluminum dually from
was the entry that won the first edition of the “Ride your hauler to SEMA”
creative talent among the automotive specialty market.  Jeb Greenstone,
president, designer and lead fabricator of Cutworm Specialties won the contest.  
The aluminum dually was built for Joe Kral of Minneapolis, MN by the North
Carolina based Cutworm Specialties.  Taking six months to be completed,  the
designs of a 1930-1931 Ford Model A Truck.  According to Greenstone, the
aluminum hauler “breaks the rules in design with loads of attitude.”
Cutworm Specialties built the completely custom air suspension, spindles, axle
and lug nuts from scratch along with a completely handmade interior.  The hauler’
s rear axle and 19.5” wheels were taken from a motor home while the front
spindles and brakes originated from a Ford Super Duty.  To power this menacing
beast, Cutworm Specialties used a 1967 Lincoln 460 V8 rated at around 600
As the winning entry of this contest, Greenstone and Kral can proudly display
their custom creation at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas where more than
130,000 attendees can enjoy it.  The winner of this contest was selected after
contestants submitted photos of their unique parts hauler designs and a panel of
automotive and transportation experts judged it based on functionality,
innovation and aesthetics.
Tanom Motors - Invader
Mike Essa  2013 Formula drift champion
Director of Design of Tanom Motors.
Tanom Motors is the premier vehicle
Exclusive interview with Adam Canni,
manufacturer of High Performance
Reverse Trikes in the United States.
Click the link to see this very
interesting vehicle.
Entrevista exclusiva con Adam Canni,
Director de Diseño de Tanom Motors.
Tanom Motors es el fabricante líder en
los Estados Unidos de Trikes inversos
de alto rendimiento . Haga clic en el
enlace para ver este vehículo
interesante vehículo
Check out the exclusive interview with
the freshly crowned 2013 Formula Drift
Champion Mike Essa from SEMA Show.
Mira la Entrevista exclusiva con el recién
coronado Campeón de la Formula Drift
Mike Essa desde SEMA Show.
SEMA Models 2013
The beautiful models are as always a
big part of car shows. SEMA is not just
cars! Take a look.
Sema no solo son autos
Compruebelo usted.
Apollo Vredestein High Performance Tires
The President of EnviroLution, Inc
explains about the Innovative engine
Oil flush machines and the benefits of
using this technology when changing
engine oil.  
La Presidente de EnviroLution Inc. Explica
acerca de las innovadoras máquinas para
enjuague del motor al hacer el cambio de
aceite y los beneficios del uso de esta
EnviroLution,Inc. Innovative engine flush technology
The President of Apollo Vredestein Tires Inc.
talks about the high performance premium
El Presidente de Apollo Vredestein Tires Inc.
habla acerca de las llantas de alto rendimiento
Effective removal of paint imperfections
S3 GOLD High Performance Compound
from SCHOLL CONCEPTS easily removes
deep scratches and signs of wear and
S3 GOLD Compuesto de alto rendimiento
de la compañia SCHOLL CONCEPTS que  
fácilmente elimina rasguños profundos y
signos de desgaste.
SHLK The leader of wheels
SHLK a Chinese company that  specializes
in researching, developing and producing
aluminium wheels.SHLK manufactures  
wheels for brands like toyota,honda,
mitsubishi,Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes
Benz etc.
SHLK empresa manufacturera China que se
producción de rines de aluminio. SHLK
fabrica rines para marcas como Toyota,
Honda, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, BMW,
Mercedes Benz, etc
Matthew Law - ML24 Automotive
The designer of the ML24 wide body kit
for the Scion FRS/SUbaru BRZ , tells
Autoshow Television how he incorporated
the design to the popular "Project Breezy
El diseñador de algunas partes de la
carrocerial ML24 para el Scion FRS /
Subaru BRZ, le cuenta a Autoshow
Televisión cómo incorporaron el diseño al
popular coche Project Breeze
Some of the Best cars from SEMA Show
Algunos de los mejores carros de Sema show
Cars from SEMA