Back to the Future II scene is a reality with the Toyota Mirai
Is all everybody is talking about today! Today, October 21, 2015 marks the date
when Marty and Doc traveled forward in time in the movie Back to the Future II.  
Toyota took the opportunity to show that even though we still don’t have flying
cars, hover boards or self-tying shoes, the “future” from Back to the Future is
now here.

In an especial event last night, 300 new Toyota Mirai owners, Mirai Dealers and
special guests were invited to watch how some of the fictional technology from
the movie is a reality today.  In one of the scenes from the classic movie, Doc
turns trash into fuel, something the new Toyota Mirai (kind of) does today.  The
event celebrated the U.S. arrival of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.  
Hydrogen is considered the “fuel of the future” by many and it’s a type of fuel
that can be acquired from almost anything, including solar, wind and even

The Mirai will be first available only in California where more than 2,000 people
have requested to buy one.  The Hydrogen cell vehicle technology has huge
potential to change the world. Although hydrogen can be obtained from almost
anything, owners can’t exactly just throw banana peels or soda cans into the
Mirai fuel tank.  Watch the very fun video on this page featuring Michael J. Fox
and Christopher Lloyd to understand how the Mirai Hydrogen fuel cell
technology works.
October 21, 2015
By Carlos Gaviria
Trash turned into fuel for a car
photo Courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation
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photo Courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation
photo Courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation
photo Courtesy of Toyota Motor Corporation